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Security 2. 11. 2023
What is ISO and why are there so many of them?

ISO stands for "International Organization for Standardization." It is a non-profit international organization that develops and publishes international standards for various fields and industries.

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Project management 26. 10. 2023
Overview of basic project management methodologies and certifications

PRINCE2, IPMA, and PMI are three different project management methodologies. They all share the same goal, which is achieving a successful project, but each offers a unique approach.

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19. 10. 2023
Certification path Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE offers two main categories of certifications. Career certifications validate your expertise at various levels, from Foundation to Master level. Product certifications, on the other hand, demonstrate your skills in working with specific IT solutions.

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IT Service Management 12. 10. 2023
COBIT®: A practical guide to IT management

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is a "manual" for managing IT and keeping it under control. IT managers can use it, but it is most commonly utilized by auditors and security professionals to verify whether the IT system is stable and secure.

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DevOps 2. 10. 2023
Hitachi Vantara Midrange

Hitachi Vantara Midrange is a product line of data storage and infrastructure solutions manufactured and offered by Hitachi Vantara. This product range is designed to provide robust and high-performance storage solutions for medium and large enterprises.

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22. 9. 2023
Education is crucial for us

An interview with Stanislav Šmolík, CEO of DNS, the company under whose wing we have been since March of this year. He spoke about the relationship with professional education as one of the pillars of the company culture and the significant added value of the company.

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Project management 7. 9. 2023
The lecturer must have energy and be able to convey it to the participants

An interview with Ludmila Vráželová, a guide in the world of ITIL, COBIT, PRINCE2, IT4IT, and DevOps. Her training has been attended by more than 1,000 professionals from around the world.

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PRINCE 2 7. 9. 2023
PRINCE2® 7: A new era of project management in the digital world

Starting from September 4, 2023, PeopleCert introduces the new version of PRINCE2® 7, reflecting today's fast-paced digital environment that demands a flexible and adaptable approach to project management. Currently, in the Czech Republic, versions 5th and 6th are available.

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Open Source 16. 7. 2023
We have become SUSE accredited training partner

We are happy to announce that Pumpedu has become a SUSE Training Emerald Partner. With this step, we become one of the few professional centers authorized to provide official training for SUSE in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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Open Source 7. 7. 2023
IT evolution

     Once upon a time, there lived a system administrator named Henry. He was a dedicated systems manager in a medium-sized company. He took care of his group of servers and knew everything about each of them. However, as the company grew, the number of servers Henry had to work with also increased. 

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SPECIAL OFFER 26. 6. 2023
It's better together

With the arrival of summer, we have prepared a 1+1 promotion - "It's better together". If you sign up for a date from the list below, you can bring your colleague along. The price will remain the same as for one participant.

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ITIL 12. 6. 2023
Is ITIL still interesting?

In this article, we question whether ITIL® is still a suitable framework for process management in IT. We define several key factors that could influence whether ITIL still remains relevant or is replaced by other approaches.

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Security 27. 4. 2023
New Fortinet certification program

In the fall of 2023, Fortinet's certification program is to undergo significant changes. The primary goal of the updates is to meet current and future requirements and ensure that the NSE certification program remains at the forefront of network security expertise.

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27. 3. 2023
KEY Trainings presents itself under the new name Pumpedu

The educational company KEY Trainings becomes part of the IT group eD Group and enters under the wings of the DNS brand, which becomes its majority owner. KEY Trainings will present itself to clients and business partners under the new name Pumpedu.

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Machine Learning 18. 3. 2023
The differences between Machine learning and Artificiant inteligence

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) are related fields, but they are not the same thing. AI is a broader field that encompasses many different technologies, including machine learning. Check with us the key differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Open Source 7. 3. 2023
Docker and Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes are two different technologies that are often used together in the context of containerized application deployment and management. 

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ITIL 27. 2. 2023
IT Service Management training in a fun way

The subject of IT Service Management is a lot of theory that is not easy to teach. We at Pumpedu are lucky that our instructors are not afraid to use different methods for training and follow the procedures according to J.A. Komensky - Learning through play "Schola ludus".

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DevOps 21. 2. 2023
Why be interested in DevOps

DevOps skills can be applied in any industry that depends on software or technology. In today's IT, this skill set is highly valued and sought after.

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ITIL 10. 1. 2023
Changes in the validity of ITIL® and PRINCE2® certifications

From January 1, 2023, you get globally recognized exams from PeopleCert for 3 years. Subsequently, the certification must be renewed!

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ITIL 30. 8. 2022
ITIL certification scheme

The ITIL® 4 scheme consists of two streams:

ITIL® Managing Professional

ITIL® Strategic Leader